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Welcome to the book and merch store of Cassidy K. O'Connor and C.K. O'Connor

Cassidy loves to write independent, strong, female main characters and equally strong men who pursue them.

Books by Cassidy vary from paranormal romance to RH to MM and everything in between.

Books by C.K. range from sweet romance to young adult to
contemporary romance.

  • The Accidental Zodiacs Shared World

    Brielle Masters is a top agent of the Zodiac Enforcement Agency, dedicated to imprisoning the Fallen - those Zodiacs who use their power for evil. When she's sent to another realm to bring back a rogue Fallen who's been killing locals, Brielle expects it to be a routine mission. What she doesn't expect is to find the former love of her life, Grant Shipley, hiding on this same world.

    Grant, a former Sinless who turned Fallen to save his mother's life, has been in hiding for almost a decade. As Brielle and Grant work together to take down an evil tyrant and save the realm, they must confront their past hurts and put their differences aside. But once the mission is over, will they be able to rekindle their love, or will they be forced to walk away from each other once again?

  • Trident Protection Series

    Dominick thought he left danger behind when he retired from the Navy SEALs. Little did he know, his new journey was about to lead him straight into the heart of an unexpected love.

    Six months into his fresh start as the owner of a private security firm, Dominick's life takes an unexpected turn. An old friend needs help to rescue an informant that's gone silent. Confident in his team's skills, he readily agrees. His training never prepared him for the whirlwind that is Delaney Rossi–a woman as headstrong as she is captivating. Dominick finds himself not only protecting her but also her spirited mother, her endearing son, and even an unlikely member of the team: a charming turtle.

  • The Chronicles of Addison

    Step into the whimsical world of Addison Schmidt, where midlife crisis meets supernatural chaos.

    In "The Chronicles of Addison Schmidt," Addison is not your
    average protagonist; she’s quirky, snarky, and endlessly endearing. When magic ignites in her once-ordinary life, she finds herself stumbling through spells with unintended and hilarious consequences. But with three perpetually mortified sons in tow, Addison’s journey through a world filled with monsters, magic, and mayhem becomes even more uproarious.

    Join Addison as she navigates mischievous fairies, grumpy trolls, and enigmatic alliances, all while uncovering long-buried family secrets. With humor, heart, and a touch of magic, this rollercoaster of a series promises a unique blend of hilarity, heartwarming moments, and unexpected surprises. Buckle up for a wild ride through the supernatural and the mundane with Addison Schmidt, and be ready to turn the pages eagerly to see where her next misadventure takes her.