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Celtic Hearts Press

Beating Around the Bush

Beating Around the Bush

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Two psychopomps, a wolf shifter, and a human child. Just another day in Black Hollow.

One frantic call from his best friend, Shayde raced to the human realm to help his partner. He didn't expect to find a child staring at him. Choal didn’t know what to do and Shayde was just as confused. How could a human child see them, they were Psychopomps? No one but the soul they were ferrying across should have known they were there.

Choal thought he was out on a routine call, the human world wasn't his favorite place to be so he liked to do his job and get home. Until he came face to face with a child who needed him. With his best friend at his side, they would take the kid somewhere safe. They just needed someone to guide them through the human world.

Bishop Allister was just another pack wolf in Black Hollow, he felt like he was on the outside until Seraphine asked him to do her a favor. Enter Shayde, Choal and Kohen. They had no idea what to do in this realm and he was the perfect man to show them around. If that included into his bedroom, well he was up for it. Hopefully they would be too.

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