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Celtic Hearts Press

Fairly Sweet

Fairly Sweet

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Alizon Bishop escaped Salem during the infamous witch trials. In Black Hollow, she found a haven, a family, and peace. Her candy shop was her passion until one day it wasn't. A stranger turns up and her world is flipped upside down and he shows her there's more to life than chocolate.

Lucan O'Brien was half fairy and half-human. Though he wondered how much of him was really a fairy. After all, he couldn't fly, he was the size of a normal human and he possessed none of the traits of a fairy. He didn't fit in the fairy world or the human world.

Lucan arrives in Black Hollow a town where he could belong finally and finds a woman he can love. But someone is killing witches and Alizon has a target on her back. Did he finally find his home only to lose the woman who makes it worthwhile?

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