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Cassidy K. O'Connor

Fearing Love eBook - Black Hollow Series Book 8

Fearing Love eBook - Black Hollow Series Book 8

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Grey Franklin, a reclusive mind-flayer, had resigned himself to a life of seclusion. Shunned by society due to his ability to devour memories, he found solace in his solitude. However, fate had other plans for him.

A call from the mysterious town of Black Hollow disrupted Grey's self-imposed exile, beckoning him to employ his unique gift to aid a troubled woman. Though hesitant, he begrudgingly agreed to the request. Yet, what kind of place would willingly invite a memory eater into their midst?

To Grey's surprise, the woman he was tasked to assist proved to be far more challenging than he had anticipated, straining his own well-being in the process. However, the enigmatic town matriarch, Seraphine, orchestrated a twist of destiny, guiding Grey toward his destined mate. Like him, she belonged to a despised species, a succubus bearing the weight of prejudice for her own abilities.

Little did Grey expect that she would hold the key to his survival on this perilous quest to save the troubled woman. But it didn't stop there. Unforeseen by Grey, the entire town rallied behind him, joining forces to support his cause. Together with Shayla, his mate, and the people of Black Hollow, he discovered the true meaning of acceptance, love, and the profound significance of finding one's place in a world teeming with prejudice and fear.
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