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Finding Her Beauty

Finding Her Beauty

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What’s a crazy chicken lady to do when the chief won’t help her catch the thief stealing her beloved pets? A bachelor charity auction is the perfect answer. Amiyah is looking for a strong man to fortify her chicken coop. Keg Drakki is the perfect choice. He’s not just strong, but he comes highly recommended, as well. It’s too bad their initial meeting doesn’t go as she’d hoped.

Keg Drakki is a playboy without a care in the world. He’s content to fill his days with debauchery and liquor, throwing bonfire parties in the woods. Then Amiyah wins a night of his life at the charity auction. He’s intrigued by her reclusive nature and confused why the residents are leery of her. Yeah, it’s odd she walks around with a rooster on her shoulder, but a lot of residents have abnormal familiars.

When an enemy emerges from Amiyah’s past, all of Black Hollow is at risk. Will the townspeople come together to battle her demons and gain a powerful ally in the process? Or will this be the end of the most paranormal town in America?

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