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Cassidy K. O'Connor

Healed by the Fae - Love's Protector Series Book 4

Healed by the Fae - Love's Protector Series Book 4

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Keara arrives at Redemption Ranch hoping for an easy couple to set up. She never expected the guy to be an angry widow and the girl physically disabled. Everything Keara had trained for suddenly feels inadequate. She knows defeating the Lianhan Shee is more important than her own insecurities. She needs to focus on her job and unite the soul mates before it's too late.

After the loss of his wife, Tucker Gentry wanted nothing more than to be left alone working as the stable master at Redemption Ranch. When an injury causes the family to modify the ranch and open it as an equine-therapy center; Tucker has to decide if he will stay and help the new patients or flee to a new place of solitude.

Annie Blackwell was one of the first clients at the center. Hurt in a tragic accident, she has no desire to get better. When the stable master takes a special interest in her she suddenly finds herself believing it might be worth it to heal.

An unexpected visitor to the ranch alerts Keara the Lianhan Shee is coming for her. She has to help two bitter people heal and find love or risk losing everything.

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