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Cassidy K. O'Connor

Hunting a Tyrant: An Accidental Zodiac Story Print Book

Hunting a Tyrant: An Accidental Zodiac Story Print Book

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Brielle Masters is a top agent of the Zodiac Enforcement Agency, dedicated to imprisoning the Fallen - those Zodiacs who use their power for evil. When she's sent to another realm to bring back a rogue Fallen who's been killing locals, Brielle expects it to be a routine mission. What she doesn't expect is to find the former love of her life, Grant Shipley, hiding on this same world.

Grant, a former Sinless who turned Fallen to save his mother's life, has been in hiding for almost a decade. As Brielle and Grant work together to take down an evil tyrant and save the realm, they must confront their past hurts and put their differences aside. But once the mission is over, will they be able to rekindle their love, or will they be forced to walk away from each other once again?

With danger lurking at every turn and their hearts on the line, Brielle and Grant must decide whether their love is worth fighting for. An Accidental Zodiacs Novel

About the Accidental Zodiac shared world: There are three types of Zodiacs: The Sinless who live life in goodness and light, their blue auras shining like beacons of hope. The Wanderers, their purple essence telling others they walk a fine line between good and evil. Then there’s The Fallen, the evil. The ones who use their powers to enhance their lives at any cost.
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