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Cassidy K. O'Connor

Love Possessed Print Book

Love Possessed Print Book

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Get to Crimson Moon Hideaway… Check
Register with the Matchmaker Expo… Check
Get Possessed by a Demon…

Raine Shadowglow has one goal. Focus on the Matchmaker Expo and save his job as a cupid. An innocent hike through the Redwoods takes a turn when whispers on the wind call him to a cave.
He ignores everything he’s learned from horror movies and follows the voices, enters the cave, and takes a mysterious rock back to the resort.

He never planned for the rock to open and release a demon or for that demon to take possession in his body.
Ephra doesn't know what to do when she wakes up inside a man two hundred years in the future. All she wants to do is get back to her body. Taking control of his body was a bad idea. What's an elevator, or even a car?

They quickly realize they have to work together if they want to save his job and find her body. All they have to do is act normal for three days. What could possibly go wrong?
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