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Cassidy K. O'Connor

Love's Porpoise Print Book

Love's Porpoise Print Book

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Harper Gray never anticipated the chaos awaiting her at Crimson Moon Hideaway. Tasked with securing a deal for the hotel's private flight services, she finds herself thrust into the midst of the Deep Blue Seas Expo. As a proud manatee shifter, she's used to navigating challenges, but the mermaids' exclusivity complicates matters.

Forced to prolong her stay, Harper's fortunes take an unexpected turn when she encounters her long-time celebrity crush, Caspian Marlowe, a charming porpoise shifter. The mere thought of sharing dinner with him surpasses her wildest fantasies. However, complications arise when she meets his alluring assistant and discovers an undeniable connection—they're mates.

Despite their attempts to resist the magnetic pull between them out of loyalty to Caspian, Harper and her mate find themselves drawn together irresistibly. As they navigate Caspian's unique quirks, their burgeoning romance faces numerous obstacles. But amidst the chaos, one thing remains certain—Love's Porpoise will triumph against all odds.
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