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Celtic Hearts Press

Meddie's Boys

Meddie's Boys

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Marie was supposed to meet her BFF at a speed dating event, but somehow ends up at an asylum... There she meets her mate, Judah, and his roommate Beck. With the help up an unlikely ally they escape and run to Black Hollow to recover from their ordeal.

Marie, Judah, Beck and Jordan’s escape from the asylum was fraught with peril and uncertainty. Their hope was to seek sanctuary in Black Hollow. They never expected the twist they discovered there. Beck and Jordan are mates and bound to Medusa by a powerful connection. This triad bond brought with it a complex set of emotions and challenges.

If the unexpected relationship wasn’t enough, Beck and Jordan are attacked, and they can't help but wonder if their past caught up with them. Then someone attacks Meddie, leaving them confused to the real target.

Had their enemies found their hiding spot? Or was there a higher significance of their triad bond? Turn the page to read the adventures of Meddie’s Boys.

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