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Cassidy K. O'Connor

Mending Love Print Book

Mending Love Print Book

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What would you do if you met your mate and found out she knew nothing of the supernatural world and only had days to live?

Dr. Jonathan Larson lived to serve the residents of Black Hollow. It wasn’t until his mate shows up in need of help that he learns the town would do anything to help him.

Irelyn Danvers was almost two thousand miles from home trying to check items off her bucket list. After multiple battles with cancer, she has accepted her fate and was going to make the best out of her time left. When her car breaks down in Black Hollow it turns out to be her greatest adventure yet.

Jonathan only has days to reveal the supernatural world to his mate and convince her to let him save her. He didn’t expect her to refuse his help. Could he respect her wishes and say goodbye or would she accept the offer of love and salvation the town was offering her?
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