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Celtic Hearts Press

Phoenix Rising

Phoenix Rising

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Fire Chief, Liam Holland, has settled happily into his comfortable, solitary life in Black Hollow. After all, that's what phoenixes are, solitary creatures. Or are they? After a conversation with Seraphine, Liam is floored to find out phoenixes are actually meant to be social creatures that mate for life.

Well, Liam doesn't have to worry about that nonsense about life mates. He doesn't know any other phoenixes, except for a few family members in Europe. But in her infinite wisdom, Seraphine throws Liam another curve ball, announcing that she has a friend who is a phoenix and will be moving to Black Hollow.

While setting up for the Halloween festival, Liam saves the new town dentist, Dr. Emma Dunning, from a nasty fall from a ladder. Upon meeting the new dentist, Liam is immediately attracted to her.

While getting to know the lovely dentist, an ancient evil arrives in town with the sole mission of ridding the world of phoenixes. As Liam attempts to stay safe from the evil out to vanquish him, he finds that there is much more to Dr. Emma Dunning than meets the eye.

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