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Celtic Hearts Press

Slumber's Destiny

Slumber's Destiny

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"I miss you when I wake, and all I do throughout the day is yearn to sleep again, because only in my sleep do I find you."

 Sandie is only happy when he’s asleep, and that’s because he’s finally found the woman of his dreams, literally. However, when his brother shows up, demanding he turn back to the Grim Path or endure the culling, Sandie must fight to protect the other Sandmen. He turns his back on his dreams. That is, until she walks through the door of Daydreamer Inn.

Destiny Frazier’s nephew suffers from nightmares, and the only way she can discover what’s causing them is to take a dream walk through his mind. However, she discovers something even more when she’s strolling the dream worlds. She finds the man she craves.

Dreams become reality in Slumber’s Destiny as Sandie and the Black Hollow family have to unite to keep the usurper from the throne. One-click now to see how a dream can change your life forever.

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