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Cassidy K. O'Connor

Swing Time - Year 3 The Nightshade Guild: Broken Time Print Book

Swing Time - Year 3 The Nightshade Guild: Broken Time Print Book

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The Nightshade Guild: Chapter Three - The year the Guild was lost in time.

In the heart of a battle against a formidable vampire, Isla Ryan and Killian find themselves inexplicably transported from their modern-day world to the swinging times of 1952. Stranded without a means to return, their shock turns to despair upon encountering the Elven Queen, Ameria, who unveils a startling truth: over a decade has slipped by, leaving their world ravaged by an impending apocalypse.

In a daring attempt to set things right, Ameria presents a perilous plan, teetering on the edge of uncertainty. Their only chance lies in biding their time within the confines of the past, avoiding any interference that could irrevocably alter the future. But as they navigate this unfamiliar era, the temptation to intervene grows stronger, challenging their resolve in ways they never anticipated.
Life as a Mage of the Nightshade Guild is never a dull one.

Swing Time is Book 8 of The Nightshade Guild Chapter Three. The reading order for this chapter is:

Rocking Time by Lia Davis and Kerry Adrienne
Defying Time by Mandy Rosko
Illuminating Time by Renee Hewett
Dueling Time by Sheri Lyn
Darkest Time by Cherron Riser
Losing Time by Jennifer Wedmore
Time After Time by Louisa Bacio
Swing Time by Cassidy K. O'Connor
Time Maverick by Gracen Miller
Crucible Time by Landra Graf
Restoring Time by Lia Davis and Kerry Adrienne
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