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Cassidy K. O'Connor

The Fast and the Furry: A Crimson Moon Hideaway Story

The Fast and the Furry: A Crimson Moon Hideaway Story

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What's it like waking up as a woman after thirty-five years of living as a man? Trippy, that’s what! Finn Mason went to sleep as himself and woke up in the body of Kaley Hutton, the woman that ghosted him after one night together.

How does it feel to fall asleep all smooth and curvy then wake up as a big guy with an extra appendage between your legs? Horrifying and a bit intriguing. Of all the people Kaley Hutton could magically switch with, why did it have to be Mr. Hit It and Quit It?

Stuck at a resort as the Maid of Honor and Best Man was not the best time for an existential crisis. Not wanting to admit to a secret tryst, they decide to maintain pretenses while attempting to investigate what caused the swap. Neither was prepared for the lengths they'd have to go to hide the truth. From waxing debacles to learning to walk in heels, it'll be a hilarious week they'll never forget.
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