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Celtic Hearts Press

The Krampus Heart

The Krampus Heart

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Klaus Nichols is finally getting his dream of opening his own toy and skateboard store. His Krampus family has been in the toy business for generations back in Germany, so making children happy is in his blood. Contrary to what lore says, Krampuses don’t haul misbehaving children to hell or beat them with sticks. Thankfully, in Black Hollow, he’s accepted and supported.

Carys Evans, enchantress and guidance counselor at Black Hollow Academy, has been tapped as the chairperson of this year’s Christmas festival in Black Hollow. Carys wants this to be the best festival the town has ever seen. She even has the new toy store owner volunteer to handle the Secret Santa program, or so she thinks.

When Klaus and Carys meet, the experience is less than stellar for both of them. They soon find out that first impressions are sometimes wrong. As the store opening and Christmas festival approach, they find out that danger is lurking and Klaus is the target. Joining together, will they be able to make both of their goals successful or will this Christmas be memorable for the wrong reasons?

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