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Celtic Hearts Press

Through Thick and Thin

Through Thick and Thin

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Starburst has spent most of his adult life hiding. Hiding from himself, from the town he called home, and from the man who’d been by his side for it all. But time is running out; Starburst has to decide if hiding behind his Unicorn is worth sacrificing the man he’s kept under lock and key before it’s too late.

Seren has stood by his best friend’s side since the day their world collapsed and left the two of them to fend for themselves. He watched as his best friend, retreated into his animal form, and never came back. Now, the clock is ticking and he’s in for the fight of his life. Say goodbye to what he could have had or fight for what he wants.

Life has never been easy for either man. They’d found solace in their friendship, but now that same friendship is being put to the test.

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